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Selling your home – Make sure you get credit (and paid) for your energy efficiency investments!

New Home for Sale

Make sure your realty agent gets them highlighted in the MLS listing. And make sure that the appraiser who is sent to value your property uses the green addendum and has adequate training to do the job. Otherwise the money you spent may not get the fair treatment it deserves in the valuation.

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The potential to take Energy Star appliances to a whole new level – And lower you power bill!

Energy star 2

Initiatives like the Toshiba’s article below could bring in a new generation of Energy Star appliances. While we have made significant progress in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient devices we could still take it to a whole new level.

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Conserve Energy: Can radiant barriers and reflective roof shingles save money?

More and more customers are asking about the new roofing material that reflects heat. Does it work? Does it save money? What are the differences or how do they fit into my home.

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