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How can we save energy in our homes? New Windows?

Windows are probably the most visible energy efficient investment in your home. No one sees new insulation, a new pool pump, or all the other hidden investments that may save you money.

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How much more evidence do homeowners need? Power bills will continue to rise. Conserve Energy Now!

One more reason your power bills will continue to rise. “Depending on changes demanded by the EPA, it could require millions of dollars in spending to upgrade individual plants, company lobbyists said in a document provided at a meeting with White House officials last month and posted on the website of the Office of Management and Budget..”

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Did your power bill just go up or down? Read beyond the headlines.

Did they increase or lower your power bill?

The article below shows why it is important to read beyond the headline. The truth is that the company asked for and received approval to raise their rates. However, they did it in conjunction with the expiration of regulatory fees.

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