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Thermostats will save you alot of money– if you use them. There is an easy solution.

I was very surprised to learn that most homeowners do not actually program their programmable thermostat. Then I thought about a timer I used on my outdoor lights. It is the biggest pain in the you know what.

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Get Your Home’s Air Conditioning Ready for Warm Weather – Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper: Home Improvement

AC maintenance is worth the money!

When the weather heats up, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system quickly becomes a most valuable player. However, more than 3 million HVAC systems fail each year.

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The three legged stool to saving money with home energy efficiency

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Home energy costs continue to rise. There are thee components to home energy conservation and saving money. A framework to think about how you can lower your power bill allows you to take in bite size chunks.

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