My power company says I’ll save 20+% on my power bill if I add insulation?

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The argument goes like this. You need a certain depth of insulation to achieve your R value by code. They visually inspect and determine that you are not at the required depth. That makes sense so far.

Then they recommend that you reinforce your existing insulation

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There are so many new energy efficient products. Which ones are right for me?

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A. Don’t base your purchasing decisions on what Industry is saying you consume. This may have been the way 5 years ago but now you have the technology to make accurate decisions. Had I followed the industry estimates I might have mistakenly purchased a new refrigerator.

B. Let the data drive your purchasing decisions. Following the data allowed me to save an estimated $700/ year even though I recently made a purchase.

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Bedroom is too cold in winter, too hot in summer – Living – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington news, weather and sports

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This is a great article in response to a homeowner frustrated with a specific room in his house. This problem can happen in any climate or geography. However, the author’s answer is both right and wrong.

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