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This is a broad topic that covers a range of potential energy efficient projects both DIY and contractor supported

’40s house in Athens a model for green renovation | The Columbus Dispatch

the couple replaced windows, siding, doors and the roof; installed insulation, solar panels and a new heating and cooling system; rebuilt a crumbling garage; and added a master suite to their 1,000-square-foot home.The result: an 85 percent drop in energy costs.

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MYTH #10: New Windows = Siginificant Cost Savings – Biggest Energy Myths Busted – Forbes

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Replacing single pane windows for energy star rated dual pane windows will save energy. This typically amounts to a small fraction of your total energy use, and given the expense of replacing windows, there are typically much more cost effective ways to reduce your energy bills.”

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MYTH #7: Close Blinds To Keep The Heat Inside – Biggest Energy Myths Busted – Forbes

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This is the difference between radian heat and conductive heat. Opening blinds on a sunny day in the winter time helps radiant heat in your home.

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