Do LED Lights work? Save Money? Worth the Investment? Read this first.

LED Choices

LED lights can cost 75 times more than the cost of incandescent light bulbs.   At first glance they don’t seem worth it.   There are three things you need to consider before making the plunge.

1)  Will it save me money?  What’s my ROI?

2)  Do I have to do anything special?

3)  How long will they last?

First question.  Short answer: Absolutely Yes!  Click here for the long answer.

Second question.  Short answer.  Maybe.  Quick explanation.   If the light you plan on changing is using a dimmer switch then you need to also switch the dimmer to an LED dimmer switch.  Caution.  If you don’t you will burn out the LED light build and waste a lot of money.

Also, you have to shop for them.  I started shopping the clearance stations in Lowe’s and Home Depot but it is overall inconsistent.  Shop online for the big discounts where you can buy bulk.  Tip:  Go to Home Depot (not Lowe’s) and check out there LED display to decide on soft, dim, bright, etc…

Third question.  Short answer.  I’m still waiting for mine to burn out and I started over 2 years ago but they do advertise up to 15 years.

It is totally worth it (in my humble opinion) but don’t just make an impulse buy.  There are a few things you need to pay attention to when you shop for LED light bulbs.

Shop Amazon LED lights now.

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The Day – CL&P customers to get free energy use tracking service | News from southeastern Connecticut

emonitor Picture

Starting Monday, more than 340,000 Connecticut Light & Power customers will be automatically enrolled in a new, free energy-saving service called Home Energy Reports, an Energize Connecticut initiative, CL&P and Energize Connecticut announced in a news release today.

The reports are designed to help customers assess and track their energy use. They will show customers how their home’s energy use compares to an anonymous group of 100 similarly-sized and equipped homes in their area. The report also includes customized tips for no-cost, low-cost, and long-term investment options to reduce energy use, the news release said. Customers will also be able to go online and set energy reduction goals, as well as learn more about how their home consumes energy.

A total of 34,000 CL&P customers participated in the Home Energy Reports pilot from 2011 through 2013. The pilot delivered over $1.3 million in total cost savings and approximately 14,350 megawatt hours of electricity savings, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity 900 homes would typically consume in one year, the news release said. About 17,000 customers previously enrolled in the pilot will continue to receive reports either in the mail or via email.

via The Day – CL&P customers to get free energy use tracking service | News from southeastern Connecticut.

Here is what the power company cannot do for you?

Tell you what is on in your house at what time and how much it is costing you? They can’t look into your house and see what is on. All they can see is your TOTAL consumption. The program listed above is okay because it helps you, the home owner, compare yourself to other like home owners but that’s it. Its not like you can walk over to that other house and say, “Excuse me, Bob. What exactly are you doing that makes your house cost less than mine?”

In 2014, we actually have the technology to let you see exactly what is going on in your house. So you can make the right decisions. It is proven to save you money. Candidly, I earned back the cost of my home energy monitor in the first year.

Click here to see what home energy monitors are available.

Click here to read an overview of Home Energy Monitors (Not the shortest blog but still good.)

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’40s house in Athens a model for green renovation | The Columbus Dispatch

Doing much of the work themselves, the couple replaced windows, siding, doors and the roof; installed insulation, solar panels and a new heating and cooling system; rebuilt a crumbling garage; and added a master suite to their 1,000-square-foot home.The result: an 85 percent drop in energy costs.Wilson, a former HGTV host who now does videos for and, spoke with The Dispatch about the process.Q: What is the most important thing you learned that can benefit other homeowners?A: The most important thing is that there does exist a whole-house solution to the energy problems that older homes have. We think of our options being weatherization or tearing it down, but when I ran across the deep energy retrofit solution, I realized there’s a way to save the home and still make it energy-efficient.

via ’40s house in Athens a model for green renovation | The Columbus Dispatch.

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