Should I invest in an energy efficient pool pump?

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Pool pumps are expensive.   Energy Efficient Pool Pumps are twice as expensive.   Why would I spend the extra money on this device?   It is a reasonable question.   Obviously, the answer is to save money.   Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t understand just how much of the power bill comes from their pool.

This is the first of 3 blogs that looks at energy efficient pool pumps.    If you are like me I am conditioned now to expect my power bill to increase starting in the spring time.   In general I attribute this increase to the warm weather and the cost of the AC unit.   While that may be true another high power consumer kicks in roughly at the same time, your pool pump.     Next to your home’s Air Condition costs the pool can represent your 2nd largest source for energy consumption.

This video sets the stage for the follow on blogs and helps homeowners appreciate how much their pool contributes to their power bill.

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